About Me

     My name is Joe W. and I grew up "idolizing clowns". I have vivid memories of being a child and watching "Just for Laughs" on the CBC with my parents and being enthralled by the comedians it featured. They had confidence, they were the center of attention and most importantly they made people laugh. Certain comedians stand out in my mind as being influential toward me wanting to be funny. Mike MacDonald (a Canadian Comedian) with his take on life and growing up, Uncle Joey from Full House with his impersonations, Fozzy Bear from The Muppets (probably every comedian's first exposure to stand-up) and Dana Carvey's HBO special "Critcs Choice" was wildly popular with  me. I can remember recording it off the TV and nearly wearing the tape out I would watch it so often. Finally as a teenager, with my of love comedians coming to a head, I watched a biography on George Carlin and thus an obsession was born.

    I often refer to myself as an amateur of  the arts and adequate at everything. I've been writing and blogging for years, I've performed stand-up to some critical acclaim (my mom being the critic) and I've performed improv (I guess technically I am a professional improviser as I have been paid for my services). I can ride a unicycle a bit. I can juggle a bit.  But my passion has always been stand-up. I love reading about it, studying it and I really can't stop talking about it. I started this blog because I know I'm not the only one.

   Finally, if you have any interest in my attempt at making it as a comic please visit www.joewilliamson.ca for upcoming show dates as well as booking information.