Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Class Clown - The George Carlin Movie

Biopic - noun - a biographical movie or TV show.

Lenny Bruce has one. Lenny starring Dustin Hoffman

Richard Pryor has one in production. Is it Something I Said? starring Marlon Wayans.

    So why doesn't George Carlin have one? It's something that has been bothering me for quite some time.(And yes it really does bother me, hardly a week goes by when I don't think about it.) So I took my question to the only person I thought would give me a definitive answer either: Kelly Carlin(George Carlin's daughter). She's very active on Facebook as well as Twitter and is one of the more approachable people on these sites. She takes great pride in her last name and what her father represents. Below is the brief dialogue we had that spurred on this post.

@ has there been any talk of a biopic about your Dad? His influence on North America culture is worthy of an epic movie.

@ Lots of talk. But we are holding off right now. It will happen some day!!

     So there you have it. A direct answer from the most trustworthy of sources. It puts my mind at ease although now I guess I have opened the door to all kinds of speculation about who could potentially star as George and what the movie would be called.

My best guesses for titles of the movie are:
  • Class Clown
  • Last Words
  • 7 Dirty Words
  • It's Bad For Ya
  • You Are All Diseased
  • Playing With Your Head
  • Brainddroppings
  • Life is Worth Losing
    As for lead actors, surprisingly, I don't have any ideas. So I'll show you some people who could do it based upon looks and acting ability. These are my top three:

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Gosling

Russell Crowe

    Ryan Reynolds is far and away my first pick. He has a natural comedic talent and he's been known to do the occasional dramatic role and finally I think he's animated enough to pull off all of Carlins animated facial expressions. 

    As for Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe both are good actors who look enough like George. Both are known mainly for dramatic roles however so I would be concerned about their ability to have the stage presence that George did.

    Regardless of when this movie gets made and who stars in it I can promise you one thing: I will be there opening night and someone I love will have to deal with my giddiness. 


  1. I think it would be better off with a relative unknown actor. And don't forget Kaufman in that list of already-been-done-s!

    Thanks for the kind words about my Carlin piece on!

    -Danielle (NotThatMandella)

  2. Just saw Steve Jobs biopic in production so I googled "George Carlin biopic". Thanks for the info I hope it happens not only for the memory of such a legend but as a celebration of comedy throughout the generations he performed through. How many comedians have worked with Lenny Bruce and Chris Rock?