Thursday, May 17, 2012

One Year Hiatus

Well world it's been a bit of a busy year since my last update - I've switched careers, got engaged, become an Uncle and lost a Grandparent so life has been more than just a little busy and to be honest my motivation suddenly fell off the map. However everything seems to be going my way right now and I felt that it was time to get back to sharing my passion with the world(I know the kids in Africa really want to hear my thoughts on The Three Stooges Movie).

To recap some of my favorite posts from the past and to introduce any new readers to what we do around here I would recommend the following readings:

  • Class Clown - The George Carlin Movie(below). I asked George's daughter a question regarding this and her response got me excited.
  • A Grown Up Review by an Immature Man(12/2/2010) - I review the movie Grown Ups
  • I'MA Be Me - A Review(10/14/2010) - I review Wanda Sykes latest special
  • A Button Down Mind Review(10/26/10) - I review Bob Newhart's "The Button Down Mind Strikes Back!" - This review actually got Retweeted by Bob's official Twitter page.

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