Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stephanie's Comedy Chat

Starts July 3rd 2012!
Each episode will air for a full week Tuesday to Friday at 11:30pm
Rogers TV

    It's been a while since I last did any sort of shameless self promotion because, quite frankly, there's been nothing to promote but today is a new day.

    Approximately two months ago I was honored to receive an invitation from Stephanie Herrera to be apart of a television show she was filming called "Stephanie's Comedy Chat". The premise was perfect: a panel discussion, a one on one interview and then an improv scene attempting to include everything that had been talked about during the show. The goal of the show was to have a bit of an edge and judging by how the director and crew reacted as the conversation inevitably turned to oral sex it has that edge we were looking for.

    Starring: Stephanie Herrera(@DurhamImprov), Darren Pyle(@Pyledriver1969), Kyle Lucey(@KyleLucey), Ryan Eastman(@Rynosaurez), Michael Lake(@themichaellake), Ian Sirota(@comicdad1), Adam Wilkinson and Paige Bartley. You will see well established talents like Stephanie, Darren and Ian as well some of the funniest rising stars this province has to offer talk about everything from the value of a soul to duck rape.

    Be sure to tune in and give Rogers TV more viewers than ever before in the history of their network.

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