Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In God We Rust - A Review

In God We Rust
Filmed at the State Theater in Minneapolis
Premiered March 17, 2011

     Lewis Black is probably best known for his work on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and his popular "Back in Black" segment where he rants on something that is bothering him and hurting society. If you have never seen a Lewis Black comedy special before it is very much a unique experience compared to what you are used to and he warns the audience of this before the show gets started. First off, Lewis does not move around much while on stage. With the exception of his occasional "outburst" of anger it is very much just a man with a mic. Secondly, Lewis is not simply up on stage telling a "traditional joke" with a set-up and punchline, no, Lewis is a truth teller and his aim is to make you use your mind.

    In "In God We Rust" Lewis tackles everything from Valentine's Day to iPhones and nearly everything in between touching on the War on Terror and Facebook. Watching Lewis share his thoughts, ideas and experiences is as captivating as it is funny. He keeps the energy up and slams home emphasis where it's needed. However this special will not be for everyone. As I eluded to earlier this is not a traditional comedy special. You will not be laughing with tears in your eyes and quoting it later with your friends. You will be a better person for seeing it though and your brain will thank you.

    I found writing this review to be incredibly challenging for the simple fact that there are so few comedians like Black performing these days. He is an original. In "In God We Rust" Black comes across as much as a preacher or prophet as he does a comedian. Are there other comedy specials out there that will make you laugh more? Sure, but I'll doubt you'll find one that makes you think and feel more. In the vein of Hicks and Carlin, Black simply tells truths and forces you to laugh at the absurdity of the world we live in.

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