Saturday, November 20, 2010

Forty kilometers from nowhere...

Today I take a trip back to Dog River.

    Corner Gas is a Canadian sitcom that follows the lives of simple average people from the town of Dog River, Saskatchewan. Corner Gas initially aired on Janauary 22nd 2004 and ran until it's final episode aired on April 13th 2009. In it's six seasons on the air it revolutionized the way Canadians view Canadian produced television.
    Up until Corner Gas debuted on CTV  with over a million viewers it was thought(by those who know) that Canadians wouldn't watch a Canadian sitcom. "Those who know" had every reason to count Corner Gas out before it began because what Corner Gas would go onto to do had never been done before and, even though it's only been a couple of years, hasn't been done since.
    Corner Gas was an idea that Brent Butt had been kicking around for years. The idea was simple: What would life be like if I never left Saskatchewan? What he came up with was the fictional town of Dog River, Saskatchewan. A place so boring that every minor event makes the headlines of the local paper(The Dog River Howler).
    In it's six seasons on the air Corner Gas continued to average over a million viewers per episode and accumulated way too many awards and nominations to mention. However the real legacy of Corner Gas will be that it convinced Canadian production companies that Canadians will watch Canadian programing it just can't "feel" like a Canadian show.

On A Personal Note:
   I, like many, was hesitant to give Corner Gas a chance at first. I had always liked Brent Butt's stand-up but the stigma of bad Canadian programming was so strong that I resisted at first. However one evening I tuned it and was instantly hooked. It became a bit of an obsession of my mine to be honest.
   I dove headfirst into the online community and even won a prop from the show using their auction site. I was asked for my thoughts on Corner Gas and what I responded with was highlighted on the website in 2006. I saved the email they sent me. 
My thoughts on CORNER GAS: 
I've been watching Corner Gas since season one and was instantly hooked. I have gotten several of my friends and family hooked on the show since then. I actually look forward to Monday's now. I like to think that I'm one of the biggest Corner Gas fans around. I own the Corner Gas hat, Guzzlers softball jersey, Brent's Corner Gas shirt, a Corner Gas mug, all three season on DVD and was at Corner Gas Live when it came to Toronto. Also my girlfriend and I are currently planning a road trip to Saskatchewan for this upcoming spring/summer. I love the idea of the auction and I bid on this item because I love the show and wanted something substantial for my Corner Gas collection. I plan on getting the poster framed and hung somewhere in my house. Please send my thanks to the actors/writers/crew for producing such a quality Canadian show that myself, my family and friends look forward to seeing on a weekly basis.


    My girlfriend and I did take that trip and it turned into one of the greatest two weeks of my life. Thanks Brent Butt for everything...

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