Thursday, November 25, 2010

Something Funny

    I'm not going to lie, you have to be a bit of a music buff to really appreciate today's post so if you're not go back  to Facebook stalking the girl you had a crush on in grade 7.

    Anyone who knows me knows that my second favorite thing to talk about is musicians. I could just have easily started a website called idolizingmusicians so when I stumbled across a video of Neil Young signing Willow Smith's "I Whip My Hair" I couldn't help but watch.

   What I actually ended watching was Jimmy Fallon doing an INCREDIBLE impersonation of Neil Young singing Willow Smith's "I Whip My Hair". For a moment I believed it really was Neil Young and I was going to credit Jimmy with being a genius for being able to co-ordinate such a stunt with the real Bruce Springsteen singing back-up. Instead I will commend Jimmy.

    I'd be lying if I said I was a huge Jimmy Fallon fan from the beginning(in particularly as a Late Night Host) but in the last year or so he's really grown into the role and grown on me. He's becoming more confident in his role and it shows. He's taking more chances and really targeting his audience with video's that go viral like the one below.

   The first video is of Willow Smith's actual music video for "Whip My Hair" then is Neil Yong(aka Jimmy Fallon's) version. Enjoy the brilliance.

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