Thursday, December 9, 2010

Being Offended By Nothing

    I apologize for not posting more frequently. Life, as it is one to do this time of year, keeps getting in the way.

    About two months ago I got rid of my cable package and now my household does not have The Comedy Network(I know it feels like a sin for someone like myself) and as such I lost my daily dose of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Unless I happen to catch it at midnight on a basic cable station however that does not happen very often as I am usually sleeping or still at work however three nights ago I was able catch an episode of the smartest show on television.

    Jon decided to take on The War on Christmas and Jon put together ONE OF THE BEST SEGMENTS I HAVE EVER SEEN ON THE SHOW. The clip is long(over 9min) so only view if you have the time but it's definitely worth it. Even if your not normally a Jon Stewart fan I think any reasonable thinking person will be able to appreciate what Jon does here. 

    Normally I would simply place the video here for you to enjoy however Comedy Central is(understandably so) protective of their biggest money maker and does not allow their videos to be embedded here in Canada unlike the Youtube videos I post so you will have to visit the following link and watch a brief commercial then enjoy...

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