Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Very Wordy Review

This week I take a listen to the latest offering by Bo Burnham.

Words, Words, Words
Bo Burnham
Recorded on June 30, 2010 at Carolines on Broadway
Released: October 19, 2010

    Bo Burnham may not be the most recognizable name to a lot of my readers and that's what makes a review like this so enjoyable. My brother first turned me on to Bo Burnham about two years ago when he got me to watch some of Bo's now infamous Youtube video's. I was instantly hooked and as someone who considers himself a "comedy conisouer" viewed Bo as a force to be recoknoed with even back then.

    As I listened to Words, Words, Words, one predominate thought kept running through my head: "If he can keep up this level of quality for his career we are witnessing the development of a comedy a legend." Bo raps through most of his songs and does so with crude, thought provoking lyrics that are delivered at break neck speeds and its because of this that one doesn't truly appreciate a lot of what Bo talks about until one listens to the album a couple of times. He's clever, quick witted and a master linguist.  What causes Bo to stand out from the rest is the obvious brains behind the sexually charged lyrics. Many, MANY comedians try to use vulgar language to hide their lack of content but Bo uses it to show his understanding of how it  and how it can be made funny. 

    Every track is enjoyable and will have you laughing and thinking at the same time. My single complaint with the album could be viewed as a compliment and that is the production values on the track "Rant" may be too good. I found myself engrossed in the beat and rhythm on that song and paid very little attention to what Bo was talking about.

    Needless to say at this point, if you have never heard Bo before or listened to one of his albums what are you waiting for...we are witness the development of a legend.

Now here's two tracks from Words, Words, Words and one from Bo Burnham(Bo's first album)

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