Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Grown Up Review by an Immature Man

Grown Ups
Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and David Spade
Released: June 25, 2010

    When "Grown Ups" was first released this past summer I had many of my friends wonder why I didn't appear overly excited about seeing it. The movie on paper appeared to have everything I would want and more, but there was something holding me back. Regardless of the reason I did miss my opportunity to see "Grown Ups" in theaters largely due to a review I read about the movie in a local Toronto paper. Which proves one thing. I do know how to read.

    The review that I read had described "Grown Ups" as more of a "gross out comedy"  starring five men who are longing to recapture their youth on film, which proves one thing. The reviewer in question only paid attention to one scene. 

    "Grown Ups", at his heart, is an attempt at a "dramedy" for middle aged men. The characters are relate-able and familiar(we've seen all these characters before just with different names) and the script is well acted. However there's something missing that stopped me from truly loving this movie. 

    It's not a lack of talent. All of the lead actors are at their best here and the supporting cast(including the children) are excellent.

    It's not a lack of humour. On several occasions I found myself laughing out loud(or LOL'ing for you young kids).

    What it's lacking is direction. I wanted this movie to be more serious. I wanted to feel a deeper connection to all of the characters. I wanted the serious and heart and warming moments to last longer and not be interrupted by ill timed jokes. But sadly, all too often just when the viewer is starting to feel something that could have a lasting effect on them a joke or sight gag is inputed and ruins the moment.

    In the end I'm glad I watched "Grown Ups" and would happily recommend it. It's an enjoyable film, with an excellent cast and an attempt at something that hasn't been done well in years. However, Adam Sandler and crew had a chance to do something special with this script and this movie but instead it becomes another average movie worth watching a couple of times then forgetting about.

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