Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Daytime of the Night

    Unfortunately I couldn't tell you what year it was but sometime about the year the 2005 I watched the "Flight of the Conchords" perform thanks to "Just for Laughs."(Which is where us Canadians get the majority of our exposure to new comedians.) I remember being hooked from the beginning. Their humour was dry and subtle. The music was simple but well executed and most importantly it was funny. The song that stands out from the five minutes worth of screen time they received was "Business Time" a song about a married couple getting ready for intimacy.

    Shortly after that I discovered that they had a half-hour HBO special called "One Night Stand". Of all the songs performed(including "Business Time" and "Albi the Racist Dragon") the one that stands out to me is "Jenny". This song always seems to make me laugh and has been on my iPod since I first heard it. Recently I have been listening to it with more regularity for some reason and I thought what better place to share it than here.

    It was at this point that I was going to give you some information about "Flight of Conchords" but I think I'm going to save that for a future review. So, for now, enjoy "Jenny".

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