Thursday, October 28, 2010

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Please bare with me for a bit of self-indulgence before I get into today's topic.

There a few things in the world of comedy that I have always wanted to do. The first was to actually get up on stage and perform "stand-up". Several years ago I got over my own fears and dove head first into it. I skipped classes while at college to write and while at home I practiced in my room with an old karaoke machine. I eventually got up on stage and performed at amateur nights whenever I could find time in my schedule. My last stage performance of stand-up came on a night when all of my family(immediate and extended) were present and I had the best night of my life. It was a high I will always remember.

The second thing I wanted to do was to try my hand at improv and just this past year I have begun taking improv classes at a local college. This has turned out to be an incredibly rewarding experience as I am now getting to entertain a room full of people I hardly know on a weekly basis and in a few weeks I will be part of an improv show about 20min from Toronto.(Contact me if you are interested in more info). So in honor of my newest love(improv) I thought I would highlight easily the most recognizable show the improv world has ever generated...Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Whose Line Is It Anyway started as a British radio programme that moved to television in 1988. It managed to run for 10 years and came to an end 1998. Many of the cast members of the hit British show would eventually make the leap to the American version including: Ryan Stiles, Collin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, Gregg Proops and Brad Sherwood to name a few.

The American version(which is probably very familiar to most of you) ran from August 5th, 1998 to September 4th 2004.

Now enjoy Collin, Ryan and Wayne(really the three consistent stars of the show) doing what they do best...

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