Saturday, October 23, 2010

On This Day In Comedy History - 1925

    On this day in comedy history a hugely important man was born in comedic and television history: Johnny Carson. I almost feel like it's a bit overkill for me to expand on him too much because who doesn't know Johnny Carson but a two sentence post is hardly worth reading so here's some info.
    He took over the "Tonight Show" from Jack Paar after Jack had decided to quit the show and Johnny was chosen to be the heir apparent to what would become one of the most important shows in television and comedic history. The very first "Tonight Show" starring Johnny Carson(October 1st, 1962) boasted a line-up of Tony Bennett, Mel Brooks, Joan Crawford and Groucho Marx to mention a few. Forty years later when he decided to leave the show he left in his wake a heart broken nation and a slew of famous comedians who owe their livelihood to The King of Late Night.

   Johhny passed away on January 23rd, 2005 surrounded by family and friends and while he maybe gone his legacy will live on forever.

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