Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Reading Ahead - A Review

No Reading Ahead

    Gerry Dee is a unique entity in today's stand-up landscape for a couple of reasons. First off he works clean. All of his humour is rated PG at worst, and truth be told your average eight year old probably wouldn't understand the occasional mention of drug use or foul language, which makes him the rare comedian who is safe for the whole family to watch.

    Secondly, his material is reminescent of a previous generations style of comedy. A generation where not only did you make observations about life but you also became the characters you were reffering to on stage.(I couldn't help but think of Bob Newhart) Thus the appeal of Gerry Dee.

    In "No Reading Ahead" Gerry walks us through life as an average human being but does so in a way that is both fresh and familiar. Whether it's being called upon to read a paragraph in class as a nervous elementary school student, working in the service industry or trying to teach a room full of students when your not the smartest person in the room Gerry delivers with characters that are recognizable to all.

    "No Reading Ahead" will have you laughing from start to finish as you relive childhood memories, and that is exactly what sets this hour long DVD of material apart from the rest. In my previous experiences of watching various comedy specials the ones I really liked usually left me with a line or two that stuck to memory for myself and my friends to share. However I found myself reflecting on my childhood after Gerry had left the stage. The names maybe changed but Gerry Dee tells you your life story.

What You Really Want To Know?
Is This Safe To Listen To In Public? Not at all. I have watched this DVD well over five times now and each time I laugh and usually at the same spots. In fact there is one joke that makes me laugh out loud just thinking about it. Avoid watching this on your ipod in a room full of strangers.

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